Police Lieutenant Colonel Milos Simonovic

Police Lieutenant Colonel Milos Simonovic, Master Manager in Terrorism, Organized Crime and Security in the Ministry of the Interior since 2002, assigned to the Police Brigade where he manages and commands large security systems, especially at high-risk events (matches, demonstrations, public gatherings, special and emergency security, etc.)  .From 2002 to 2003 he worked as an executor, 2003.  is assigned to the position of platoon commander, 2004-2006 performs the duties of instructor for special physical, 2006-2011 performs the duties of company commander, 2011-2013 is assigned to the position of deputy commander of the 2nd Battalion, 2013-2016 is assigned  to the position of Commander of the 2nd Battalion, 2016-2019 VD.  Assistant Commander of the Police Brigade, 2019-2020 by decision assigned to the position of Commander of the Specialist Battalion, from 19.06.2020 to 19.12.2020.  ), after the expiration of the temporary decision, he returned to the position of commander of the specialist battalion, where he is today.  During his career, he was awarded several times, where the 4th Minister’s Awards stand out, married father of two children.