Dr Liliana Popescu Bîrlan

Liliana Popescu Birlan is a Universitary Lecturer Doctorate and Prorector at the National School of Political and Administration Studies. She gained her PhD in political theory at the University of Manchester, Department of Governance in 1996. A former adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director of Policy Planning from 1998 to 1999, Liliana was also a member of Women in International Security WIIS Romania, Aspen Institute of Romania, European Foundation for Risk, Security and Communication Management. Liliana was the chief editor of The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics and has printed several articles on Romanian policy including: “The Eurozone Crisis Process. Any Patterns of European Integration?” European Journal of Science and Theology 8 (2012), “Challenges at EU’s New Eastern Frontier Twenty Years after USSR’s Fall”, Romanian Journal of Political Science. Through her work, she began a dialogue in a number of topics that are not usually addressed at all in literature surrounding gender studies such as: the movement of men, submission, focusing not only on women, discussing the issue of decriminalisation of prostitution arguments, the problem child. Through addressing all of these topics she found an application and discussed them in the Romanian context, as not only in theory or as the problem internationally. A novelty is the argument multidimensional terms of increasing women’s representation in politics.