Belgrade School of Applied Security

      Dr Alex P. Schmid

      Dr Shaul Shay

      Dr John Nomikos

      Dr Danuta Gibas-Krzak

      Dr Zhang Jiadong

      Dr Vinay Kaura

      Dr Marco Lombardi

      Dr Liliana Popescu Bîrlan

      Dr Ephraim Lapid

      Dr Darko Trifunovic

      Dr Gregory Copley

      Dr Guy Burton

  • China and Middle East Conflicts: Responding to War and Rivalry from the Cold War to the Present (Routledge, 2020)
  • Rising Powers and the Arab-Israeli Conflict since 1947 (Lexington, 2018)

      Dr Gregory Moore

      Dr Predrag Cvetkovic

      Dr Lasha Tchantouridze

      Dr Swaran Singh

  • Multilateralism in the Indo-Pacific (available for Pre-Order, Forthcoming, August 5, 2022)

Thematic lectures and discussions called “Security Talks” are dedicated to students of all level of studies from the field of Security, Defence, Intelligence and Police studies.

The lecturers are eminent experts, diplomats and politicians.


National Security and Intelligence Studies

Radicalization and Deradicalization
Intelligence and Counterintelligence