During the visit of the high delegation from Nigeria, the Institute for National and International Security was presented as one of the largest in Southeast Europe. Special attention was paid to guests from Nigeria to the Institute's innovative solutions such as light combat reconnaissance vehicle as well as various software solutions in the field of security and defense, such as a Database on Terrorism and Organized Crime (tocsearch.com), face and shape recognition software, drones, software for secure telecommunications as well as the only scientific journal in the world (Security Science Journal). The cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade was emphasized, as well as with numerous faculties and universities with which the Institute closely cooperates. In addition to the delegation from Nigeria, the reception was attended by Prof. Dr. Zoran Rakic, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, as Prof. Dr. Miljan Knezevic, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics.

It was agreed to cooperate between the Institute for National and International Security and the National Defense College of Nigeria, and Rear Admiral Oladele Dazij accepted to become a member of the Institute - said Dr. Darko Trifunovic, Director of Institute.

In a solemn ceremony, Rear Admiral Oladele Dai, Ambassador Olusol Enikanolaiye, and Brigadier General HT Dadi were awarded plaques by the Institute.