Minutes of the meeting

The first Webinar of American-European-Chinese Academic Committee for Mutual Understanding and Cooperation (AEC_AC) took place on 19th of October 2020. It was organized by INIS as part of the activities and initiatives within the area of ​​scientific diplomacy, as agreed recently in the corresponding Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institute for National and International Security.

Main goals set in front of the AEC_AC were defined by the following topics:

- AEC mutual cooperation, suggestion on how to improve

- AEC mutual problems, suggestion on how to resolve

- AEC annual report by members of AEC AC with the recommendation

The list of scholars that declared their participation in AEC_AC is long, but only some of them were able to join the first Webinar. Still, the meeting was very productive. As main conclusions from the discussion one could derive the following:

- The initiative should continue and seek to pinpoint and initiate further talks on joined points connecting US-EU-CN

- It should become a regular event, with targeted sessions related to specific topics

- The initiative should also encourage young scholars to participate

Other interesting points that were mentioned could be summarized as the following:

- From the side of China there is a sense of misperception of their efforts and role on the global market that creates wrong image in the people’s minds. Therefore there is a need for concrete joint ideas that would cover strategic issues and derive corresponding reports.

- From the side of US there is a feeling of emerging interesting opportunity and in the same time a challenge for US and its foreign policy. A good example would be to try to shift the view on China as a competitor, but not necessarily an enemy, which would require the improved cultural understanding on all sides.

- Scholars from Europe also referred to other challenges in the triangle US-EU-CN and proposed to include also views of foreign students (Master or PhD) due to their unique perspective on multicultural issues (e.g. Chinese students in US or EU and vice versa)

List of Academic Committee participants-converted