On September 11, 2020, was held a Second International Scientific Conference, for a second year in a row, organized by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia – the parliamentary group of friendship with US and the Belgrade Institute for National and International Security (INIS). It gathered together a number of eminent speakers from Serbia and US.

In the roles of co-chairman of the Conference were Dr Darko Trifunović (Director of INIS) and Mr. Dragan Šormaz (Member of Parliament of National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and Head of Serbian-American Parliamentarian Caucuses).

The participants of the Conference were addressed by

Members of Parliament:

Dragan Šormaz

Dr Zoran Dragišić 

Predrag Rajić

Ilija Životić

Ministers in the Government of the Republic of Serbia:

Ivica Dačić, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Mining and Energy

Branko Ružić, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government

Speakers from US:

General-major John Harris, Commander of the Ohio National Guard

Gregory R. Copley, International Association for Strategic Studies

Dr. Steven Oluic, Retired colonel, lecturer at West Point

Dr. Greg Moore, Notre Dame College, Ohio

Dr. Jonathan Levy, Professor at Norwich University and the University of Southern New Hampshire

Dr Jan Goldman, Professor of Intelligence and National Security Studies at Tiffin University, editor of the journal Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Dr. Ephraim Isaac, Princeton University

Mike Keller, US Embassy in Serbia

Speaker from Greece:

Dr Jonas Nomikos, Research Institute for European and American Studies

Speakers from Serbia:

Dr Nebojsa Kuzmanović, Archive of Vojvodina, Government of Vojvodina, Serbia

Dr Predrag Cvetković, Faculty of Law, University of Nis, INIS

Dr Nikola Tanić, Institute for National and International Security

Dr Darko Trifunović, Institute for National and International Security

Branislav Todorović, Institute for National and International Security

Darko Obradović, Institute for National and International Security

The speakers emphasized the need for strengthening and improvement of Serbian-American relations, referring to current mutual benefits that the two countries have. Speakers also pointed out that it is high time to enter the procedure of strategic partnership with the United States, possibly even the establishment of an alliance.

Experts from Serbia and United States referred to certain supporting historical facts; e.g. the support of the United States for protection of Serbian national interests after the First World War, as well as the support for preserving territorial and economic independence after the Second World War. Speakers reviewed the perspectives and pillars of the current cooperation, the elements of connection and points for improvement of relations, as they tried to give answers to current challenges and provide directions of cooperation and strengthening relations in the future.

Serbian-American Relations - International Scientific Conference

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