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We present to you the new book of members of the INIS Institute: “Aspects of Islamic Radicalization in the Balkans After the Fall of Communism”, eds. Mihai Dragnea, Joseph Fitsanakis, Darko Trifunović, John M. Nomikos, Vasko Stamevski, Adriana Cupcea (Peter Lang, 2023)

“Aspects of Islamic Radicalization in the Balkans After the Fall of Communism” is the second volume in the series South-East European History, edited by Mihai Dragnea and published by Peter Lang on behalf of the Balkan History Association. The volume was edited by Mihai Dragnea, Joseph Fitsanakis,Darko Trifunović, John M. Nomikos, Vasko Stamevski and Adriana Cupcea […]

We present to you a new book by a member of the INIS Institute: Rethinking Warfare in the 21st Century, by Iulian Chifu, National Defence University-Bucharest

Book description This book seeks to critically review and evaluate the changes and consistencies in how warfare is interpreted and represented by academics, mass media outlets and political actors in the 21st century. The authors suggest that it is essential to understand the evolution and transformation of contemporary warfare’s conceptualisation and practice in order to […]

New book by the members of the INIS Institute “FROM SECURITY SCIENCE TO SECURITY CULTURE” Juliusz Piwowarski and Darko Trifunovic

Abstract In From Security Science to Security Culture, authors Juliusz Piwowarski and Darko Trifunović add to the growing body of literature about security science, in particular, how security science can contribute to the development of a security culture. One of the challenges facing the development of security science as an academic discipline is that, in […]