Executive Secretary of the Institute for National and International Security, Nemanja Ilic

MSc.Project manager, Nemanja Ilić is the executive secretary of the Institute for National and International Security INIS. Nemanja Ilić is a specialist in the field of internal audit of the public sector, information systems and other economic and financial segments. He also performs the functions of internal auditor in the public service, Shelter Serbia, project manager of the World Roma Organization and the Federation of Roma of Serbia. Until recently, he was the director of the Economic and Financial Center at the Institute for Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”, the coordinator of the Institute’s business information systems. He acquired the type of professional development through various trainings, seminars, domestic and foreign projects: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia in the field of internal audit (internal audit and financial management and control), Institute for Economy and Research (Internal audit of direct and indirect budget users), Pilot project of the Ministry of Finance, Central Unit for Harmonization (New examination schemes for obtaining the title of authorized internal auditor), through cooperation with the Directorate for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Security of Serbia on the development of the project (Monitoring the safety of radioactive lightning rods in operation, the commission for the transport of radiation sources, the central register dosimetric control and gamma spectrometric control), financial and administrative support to international projects and cooperation with foreign partners on NATO SPS, HORIZON2020, KeepWarm, COST. initiator and coordinator of the “WEB INTERNAL PORTAL” project, implementation and release of a software solution for planning, monitoring and implementing financial plans and public procurement plans within entities (state institutions, private companies, international and domestic projects), cooperation with the Institute of Economic Sciences IES, project (feasibility study) on models of general competencies of employees HR) in the Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”. As the executive secretary of the Institute, he is a participant and organizer of numerous conferences, forums, projects and gatherings around the world from the point of view of security, geopolitics, and counter-terrorism. Nemanja Ilic is also the support contact for the prestigious “SECURITY SCIENCE JOURNAL”, an international peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary journal.