The first round table on the topic of the Military neutrality of the Republic of Serbia in the form of the concept of “scientific diplomacy”

5th of February, 2024.

In the form of the concept of “scientific diplomacy”, the Institute for National and International Security INIS organized the First Round Table on the Military Neutrality of the Republic of Serbia. The event was organized in the premises of the Institute on February 5, 2024. Representatives and lecturers of the Institute prof. Dr. Darko Trifunović, prof. Dr. Zoran Dragišić, Colonel (r) Boško Zorić and Colonel (r) Nikola Lunić from the Council for Strategic Policy. The round table was attended by military attachés and other representatives of embassies from the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.