Serbian – Israel relationship from the angle of Defence and Security

The Institute for National and International Security INIS presents to you:

„Serbian – Israel relationship from the angle of Defence and Security”

Tuesday, 10.10.2023  12h 
Introductory speech and opera performance:
Prof. Dr. Darko Trifunović, director of the INIS Institute

H.E.Mr. Ivica Dacić, The first Vice President of the Government and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Serbia.

H.E.Mr. Yahel Vilan, Ambassador of Israel in Serbia and non-resident Ambassador to Montenegro
Awarding of a large gold plaque of the Institute for outstanding contribution to the development of the promotion of security science, as well as awarding of a large gold plaque for supporting the work of the Institute.
After the opening remarks and awarding of the plaques, the presenters took the floor and spoke about Serbian-Israeli relations from the point of view of defense and security:

Prof.dr Zoran Dragišić

Prof.dr Darko Trifunović

Prof.dr Ilija Životić

The conference was attended by numerous diplomatic and consular representatives, as well as representatives of domestic institutions.
The events of that day were covered by numerous media in Serbia and the region ( :