International Scientific Conference „SERBIAN – ISRAELI RELATIONS“ The House the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

On Monday, 25th February 2019, Institute for National and International Security INIS had the pleasure to organize International Scientific Conference on the topic of improvement relations between Serbia and Israel in cooperation with National Assembly of Serbia and Serbia – Israel Parliamentary friendship group.

International Scientific Conference was opened by showing a short film named „God remained silent“ by director Simo Brdar. The movie followed the narration of Sadik Danon – Braco, the last surviving Jew in Serbia who survived the concentration camp Jasenovac in so-called Independent State of Croatia, about the horrors he has witnessed while he was imprisoned in Jasenovac.

Watch the movie here : God remained silent

After the emotions settled down, prof. Dr Vladimir Marinković, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and Chairman of the Serbia-Israel Parliamentary friendship group opened the podium with greetings to all participants and guests who attended.

In the first part of the event participants were:

After a short break, the program continued with lectures of the following participants:

In the continuation of the event following participants presented their lectures:

All participants, as experts in their fields have presented ways for future cooperation in all areas that pose as major problems in both countries. International Scientific Conference was concluded with the consent of all the participants that, regardless of the good relations between Serbia and Israel, we should all try to make these relations the best they can be.