INIS Institute as a co-organizer at the VI Scientific International Conference: Crises of the modern international security system: lessons from the Russian invasion of Ukraine

12th of April, 2024.

The Faculty of International Relations of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine, and the Institute for National and International Security-INIS, Serbia together with other partners organize an international conference under the following title: “CRISES OF THE MODERN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY SYSTEM: LESSONS FROM THE RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE”, VI International Scientific Conference, April 12, Lviv, Ukraine.  At the conference, four INIS members took part. Prof. dr Lasha Tchantouridze, prof.dr Darko Trifunovic, Prof.dr, Radoslav Ivancik and  prof.dr Rastislav Kazansky. Even though Ukraine is constantly under Russian attacks and Russia is bombing the cities of Ukraine, we decided to support our colleagues in Ukraine by having some of our members appear via Zoom, and some of them came and attended the conference in person. Ukraine and the Ukrainian people need help now more than ever.