INIS at the Conference on “The EU in the Era of Great Transformation and the Future of China – Europe Relations” FUDAN University, Shanghai, PR Chaina

26th of October, 2023.
Four members of INIS participated in the conference organized by FUDAN University:
Prof. Dr. Liliana Popescu Birlan,
Prof. Dr. Darko Trifunovic,
Prof. Dr. Jiam Junbo,
Professor Znahg Jiadong, Ph.D
It was agreed to admit one more member to INIS. During the conferences, it was possible to hear interesting views and presentations by world experts on the relationship between China and the EU, as well as on global trends and challenges after the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the tragic events in the Middle East. The scientists presented their views, but also the possibilities of how to overcome the tension and possibly avoid a large-scale conflict with unforeseeable consequences. The possibilities of scientific cooperation between China and Europe were especially analyzed, as well as the need for more frequent exchanges of views and information. The visit of Tong Ji University students to the headquarters of INIS was announced at the end of November 2023.