We present a new book by INIS member by prof. dr Danuta Gibas-Krzak, “Geopolitics of the Balkans” which received the Special Prize in the competition for the award of The Minister of Science and Education in Poland” for 2022

The distinction in the competition for the Best Academic Book for the Award of the Minister of Education and Science and for the Award of the Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań The first comprehensive coverage of the geopolitics of the Balkans in Poland. The publication is an accessible and up-to-date compendium […]

We present a new book by INIS members “Threats to Peace and International Security: Asia versus West”, which one of the editors is prof. dr Juan Cayón Peña, and one of the authors, prof. dr Jana Mullerova

This book aims to analyze from a multidisciplinary perspective the current geopolitical conflict between East and West, between two differentiated and apparently conflicting cosmogonic visions. The geopolitical evolution of the current panorama leads to a new world in the field of international relations, a new board played on a planetary level. Once again, bloc geopolitics […]

A new book “China and the Indo-Pacific” by Prof. dr Swaran Singh

The book emanates from the geopolitical and geo-economic churning and transformations set in motion by the unprecedented economic rise of China resulting in its expanding political influence across the region and the world. In both the economic and the security realms, the United States and China alike are increasingly seen contesting in shaping the Indo-Pacific […]