Fluent English and Russian, simple conversational level in Chinese

Summary of qualifications

•International relations and diplomacy

•Diplomacy and preventive diplomacy

•Governance, business development and capacity building

•APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) and PECC

•Over 30 years  experience in lecturing and research works in International and business relations and geopolitical studies  in Mongolia and foreign countries .Invited many times as a key note speaker ,guest speaker and inviting professor for international level conferences and universities abroad.

•One way one road ,BRI(Belt and road initiatives).Invited as a Key note speaker  at the 5th East lake international Wuhan conference BRI and global governance (17-25Nov2019)


•Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS)in Hawaii, USA (Transnational Security cooperation course for senior officials), 2013

•Holland Maastricht School of Management (The MSM Executive course in management for General managers and joint creation, International trade & investment business). (1994-1995)

•Obtained Ph.D. degree in Technical science from the St. Petersburg Military Signal Corps Academy of Russia. (1991-1993)

•St. Petersburg’s Russian Signal Corps Military Academy. (Army headquarters operations management, military theory of command  ,strategy and tactics). Engineer in military intercommunication services. (1982-1986)

•National University of Mongolia (Faculty of Physics), (1971-1976)

Working Experience

1.Ex officio Expert for the National security council  of Mongolia 17 September 2021

2.Professor at the “Heilongjiang international university” in Harbin China

(from June 2018 until June 2021).Lectured “International relations” “Diplomacy and geopolitics” ”International trade”

3.Professor and board member academic counsel of the Mongoliam Miitary academy (may  2015-2019)

4. Expert and senior researcher for the Charigo center for economic and international cooperation (Think Tank)

Bejing. China . Since Jan. 2019

Research activities in Geopolitics, International relations central Asia,Russia,Euroe,USA,China and Japa

5.Foreign relations Ex-Officio Advisor to the Governor and Mayor of the city of Ulaanbaatar since September 2016

•Advised to Ulaanbaatar  city Governor  for extending international relations.

6. Advisor to the Minister of Defense Mongolia .2012-2015

•Advised the Defense Minister of Mongolia for all political and defense matters to support Mongolian government and ministry of defense on reform defense management and force building and force generation enhancing the national defense capacity

•Provided from International perspective to the Minister through analyses and other activities, the best possible objective information on military and political developments relevant to the prospects, course and consequences and key critical analysis International and Asia-Pacific regions affairs involving USA, Russia, China and Japan

•Organized and executed state visit Minister of defense of Mongolia Mr. Bat- Erdene to the Russian Federation and China to develop military strategic relations neighboring countries. Planned and endorsed state visit to the Defense Minister of Mongolia to the USA, Japan, Korea and Germany .

•Attended and executed Washington DC Bilateral consultative meeting USA- Mongolia

•Participated USA- Mongolian peace keeping operation meeting at the United Nations Headquarters at New-York city in 2013.

•Assisted and advised to planning and execution of visits to the Mongolia for the Secretary of the Navy USA Ray Mabus, Commander of PACCOM Admiral Samuel. J. Locklear, Chief of Staff Japan Shigeru Iwasaki

•Organized and assisted for Mongolian delegation to participate Shangri-La dialogue meeting since 2002 and personally attended to the Shangri-La defense ministers meeting in Singapore as a government representative with Member of AFCEA(Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association, USA)

•For superior performance and outstanding service recognized and awarded medal of “Meritorious honor National Security council of Mongolia and medals 50,60 years of the Mongolian armed forces, Medal of meritorious honor Ministry of Defense of Mongolia.Medals of 100 years academy of St.Petersburg of  Russia

•More than 30 years experience in teaching at  universities  and research work experience in international and business relations and security and defense sector governance in terms of national security consultations and wide coordination and strategic planning experience

7.Temasek Holdings Corporate adviser.

          (July 2008 – Oct.2010)

•Provided corporate advisory service to the Temasek holdings for the Mongolian mining business and investment opportunities.

•Organized official meeting for the Mongolian government delegations with the Temasek Holdings headed by Mr. Rinchinnyam Amarjargal , Member of Parliament, former Prime minister of Mongolia and  Mr. Tsevelmaa Bayarsaikhan Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Economic Standing Committee of the Mongolian Parliament , Mr. Tuvden Ochirkhuu, (Member of Parliament, Vice Minister of Finance) (3-4 Feb. 2010)

•Arranged Temasek Holdings first business trip to the Mongolia headed by Mr Goh Yong Siang, Managing Director for Strategic Relations from 14 to 18 September 2008. The delegation meets Prime minister of Mongolia Mr. Sanjaa Bayar and other government ministers and private companies in Ulaanbaatar.

 8.Consul General of Mongolia in the Republic of Singapore. (2004- 2007)

•Appointed by the Mongolian Government as a head of mission of Mongolia to the Republic of Singapore and worked and managed to extend and develop multilateral relations between Singapore and Mongolia in political, consular, cultural economical & business affairs.

•Organized and conducted the following three State visit for the President of Mongolia Mr N. Bagabandi (in 2003) ,Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr. Enkhbayar (in 2004), Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr Elbegdorj (in 2006) to Singapore by Singapore government invitations.

•Promoted  trade relations between Mongolia and Singapore managed to signing a double taxation agreement between Singapore and Mongolian Government

•Conducted investment sourcing and related origination of event to the Singapore and Mongolia

•Promoted emerging market of Mongolia to the Singapore and South East Asian and APEC countries

•Consulted and communicated with the relevant agencies and government bodies in Singapore to promote trade relations between our two countries

•Organized  for 800 Mongolian government officials to study in Singapore  to explore Singapore management of governing

•Organized events with cooperation of TDB and EDB of Singapore •

•Managed & conducted Mongolian industrial park development project with the assistant of JTC (Jurong town corporation) of Singapore.

•Worked closely with small and medium enterprise of Singapore to develop business relations between Mongolia & Singapore.

•Provided support on corporate strategy, business plans, investment memoranda, and deal structuring.

•Organized business study trips and seminars, workshops for the Mongolian government and business delegations in Singapore.

•Managed 6 charter direct tourist flights between Singapore and Mongolia by Mongolian airlines .

•Worked closely with the Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute (SAFTI ), Singapore Institute of international studies, Singapore Institute of defense and strategic studies, Singapore Institute of the South East Asian studies ,Temasek holdings, Shangri-la dialogue (IISS) and obtained an outstanding experience.

9.Trade Representative of Mongolia in the Republic of Singapore and liaison officer of the Mongolian PECC    

(Pacific Economic cooperation Committee) to the APEC and  PECC Secretary in Singapore (1998-2004)

•Prepared and delivered comprehensive business plan for investment management side of  the business. Marketing and promotional materials to institutional investors.

•Advised institutional clients on portfolio investments to the Mongolian markets.

•Invited to give a lecture  and  made  a frequent presentations for the international conferences for Mongolian market , investment opportunities and economic developments in my country

10.Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia

(International Trade and Investment department 1996-1998)

•Managed to establish investment environment in Mongolia for the foreign investors.

9.Science Secretary and Lecturer of the Military Academy of Mongolia (1988-    1992)

•Worked as a science secretary to the Mongolian Military academy to develop a new documents for the military doctrine of the Mongolian armed forces and managed a research team work for military technology development.

11.Ministry of Defense of Mongolia (1984-1988)

•Senior officer in the inter communication technology service department

 Additional professional activities:

•Board member of the MONPECC. (Mongolian Pacific Economic Cooperation Council Committee)

•Mongolian Representative to the IAG- (International Consulting & Advisory Group of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council- PECC.

•Investment seminars for the Mongolia business delegations

•Investment seminars for the Singapore business federations on Mongolian business Investment workshop for Small and medium enterprise Mongolia

•Board member and Expert of the Institute of Strategy studies of Mongolia

•Speaker at the San Francisco Information Technology Summit, Russian investment forum, Speaker to the Russian Mongolia business consul meeting

•Deputy chairman of the Mongolian National Tourism Association       

•Founder member of the MONPECC-Mongolian National Committee of Pacific Economic Cooperation Council.

•Founder member of the Mongolian CSCAP(Consul Security Cooperation Asia – Pacific)


•Great Chingis Khan and his Military genius. Pointer magazine Mindef Singapore. No32.2006

•Georgia complicity. Institute newsletter

•Strategic studies.

•New Challenges to the defense and diplomacy

•Mongolia Singapore relations

•Future challenges for PRC and Mongolia

•The dynamic of the external security environment of Mongolia & challenges of transformation of the Mongolian Armed forces

•Future for the APEC

•Russian army in the 21 century

• C3I in the Military combat

•Investment opportunities of Mongolia

•Why invest to the Mongolia

•Russian investors study

•Investment opportunities in Russia and former Soviet Union countries 15.Russian military combat operations in the army operations 16.Mongolian third never policy

•Geopolitica and Mongolia

•Mongolian armed forces peace keeping operations development

•Mongolia and U.S. Policy: Political and Military Relations

•Shangrila dialogue and Mongolian defense ministry participation

•USA Military presence and leadership

• Mongolia’s Third Neighbor Policy: Impact on the Mongolian Armed Forces

•Geopolitical aspects in Euro-Asia.

•Shifting Geopolitics

•Two strategic vision article named “Technical fundamentals of the automatic operation systems in the future for the tactical and strategic units of the armed forces of the Mongolia” at the armed forces newspaper “Soyombo”

•Opinion article to the CGTN under the name ”Russia and China strengthen cooperation in combat training”

•“One way one road initiatives “

•Keynote speaker at the BRI 5th Global governance conference in Wuhan.15-17Nov 2019

Assets, Focus, Strengths

•Strong leadership skills, ability to effectively adjust to major changes in work task or the work environment.

•Skilled at building a cohesive team and facilitating goal accomplishment. Responsible for the development and implementation of strategies. Over 30 years’ experience in international relations ,diplomacy, teaching and research fields. Skilled at focusing and guiding others in accomplishing work objectives.

•Enhanced communication, strategic, organizational and skills. Strong operational background.