Dr Yiorghos Leventis

Dr Yiorghos Leventis

Yiorghos Leventis, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of the International Security Forum independent not-for-profit think tank based in Λευκωσία, the capital of Cyprus. Dr Leventis studied in the U.K, where he conducted extensive research in The National Archives producing his doctoral thesis on the Political Struggle for Self-Determination in Cyprus under British colonial rule (1940s).

Dr Leventis read B.A. in Economic & Social Studies, University of Manchester (1990), M.A. in Peace Studies (1992), and Ph.D. in European Studies, University of Bradford (1998). He had been a Visiting Research Associate, King’s College, University of London (1999-2000) and an External Research Associate of the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (1999-2000). In the years 2004-06 he was based in Tokyo sponsored by the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for a Visiting Scholarship at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). Simultaneously, JSPS-UNU Postdoctoral Fellow, Peace & Governance Programme, United Nations University, HQ, Tokyo.

Associate Professor, Faculty of International Relations & Politics Politics, New York University Skopje, North Macedonia (2006-08)

Honoris Causa Member: Working Group: Security & Guarantees, Talks for Comprehensive Settlement of the Cyprus Problem 2008-2012

Council Member, World Federalist Movement, Buenos Aires, Oct 2010.

Participant of the IISS Global Strategic Review, Stockholm, Sept 2013.

Member of the EU Non-Proliferation & Disarmament Independent Think Tanks Network (2011 – to date)

Lecturing and publishing worldwide on: foreign & security policy, governance, power sharing, geopolitics and geostrategy (1995 – to date)