Dr Veronica Mocanu

Veronika Mocanu is an associate professor and researcher at the Faculty of Law of the State University of Moldova (MSU). He is the founder of the “Public Law and e-Governance” master’s program at MSU. Her main areas of expertise and research are IT law, data protection, cyber law, artificial intelligence regulation, information, security, access to information, digital rights, big data.

Veronika has over 15 years of experience in providing legal consultations for private and public bodies, with relevant experience in IT regulation, data protection, cyber security, digitization and assessment of new innovative IT technologies. Veronika provides consulting services to a large number of clients, including national (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, National Institute of Justice, Supreme Judicial Council, etc.) and international organizations (European Commission, UNDP, USAID, DCAF, IDLO , EBRD, World Bank, etc.).

Veronica’s practice focuses on proactive, preventive and corrective cybersecurity and privacy work for clients, as well as advising on potential class action and mass tort liability arising from security vulnerabilities and code defects in technology-enabled devices and services.