Dr Predrag Cvetkovic

Professor Cvetkovic is a full professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Niš. Starting his career in the year 1996, he developed a portfolio in the field of legal studies, with specialization in the area of International Law (International Trade and Business Law, International Economy Law, International Private Law, Environmental Law, etc.). Prof. Cvetkovic has authored more than 100 articles published in foreign and national periodicals, and 7 books dealing with international legal regulation. During his career, he was a researcher and a visiting professor at faculties in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and in the countries of former Yugoslavia. The academic analysis of the aforesaid areas of law is complemented with practical experience Prof. Cvetkovic acquired during his professional engagement, which has been attested at the national, regional and international level. He represents the Republic of Serbia in investment disputes and acts as an authorized adviser at the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self- Government for the issues of foreign investments and Public-private partnerships. Prof. Cvetkovic is also member of the Republic of Serbia National Convention on EU (Working group of National Convention on EU for Chapter 30 Foreign-trade relations). The main premise underlying Prof. Cvetkovic’s research is a multidisciplinary approach to the normative and regulatory policies. Therefore, the relevant topics of his interest are analyzed against a broader backdrop of IR theories, economic theories, and cross- cutting theories such as bounded rationality and game theory.