Dr Nada Trifkovic

Nada Trifković holds academic PhD title of Doctor in Teaching Methodology Sciences, with doctoral dissertation on the topic: ”Training of the teachers in management of developmental changes in the educational processes”.

She post-graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, with the title of Specialist of Management in Education.

For many years, she was engaged in military High School of RV and PVO, as a leading professor of philosophy, sociology, logic, ethics, rhetoric and the Constitution.

As of 2006. she permanently works as general director of the Medical School Belgrade.

In period 2010 – 2017 worked as a associate professor in the specialistic studies of the Higher Health Care School of Vocational Studies in Zemun.

In 2016, she was appointed by the Government of Republic of Serbia as the Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Occupational Medicine in Belgrade.

In 2019, she was appointed by the Government of Republic of Serbia as the Chairman of the Council of newly established Academy for Applied Studies Belgrade, as a part of higher education sector reform process, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

She completed the research and project for the new Program of Security Culture, in cooperation with the Institute for National and International Security in Belgrade.

During professional carrier, organized programs for education and training of teachers and other school personnel, to acquire competences for work in education and actively participated in the implementation of the reform of military education.

She has been awarded by the city of Belgrade for being the most successful professional in educational field in 2010; elected as President of the Association of Serbian managers in the public sector for the segment of budgetary institutions; elected as President of the Commission for monitoring and enforcing measures of the Government of republic of Serbia for overcoming the crisis and the effective implementation of austerity measures in budgetary institutions.

She is the author and co-author of several published books and articles: „Science doctrine of Karl Popper “; „New role of teachers in school education“; “Instructions for health care mediators”, “Situational management in crises”; “Manager role in crisis”; “Management of human resources”; “Management in public sector”; „Stress – how to recognize and prevent“; „Professional education of teachers“; “Psychotronic war(s)”.