Dr Mariana Rosca

Dr. Mariana Rosca is a freelance researcher, trainer and project manager. She holds a PhD in “Human Rights: Ethical, Social and Political Challenges” at the University of Deusto, funded by Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND Programme and a second PhD in social philosophy from History Institute from Moldova. Born in Moldova, living in different countries within and outside Europe, much of Mariana’s personal interests, academic passion and intellectual curiosity have revolved around diaspora communities, migration, religious minorities and integration. She holds a BA in Economy and Sociology from Academy of Economic Studies, Republic of Moldova, a MA in Global Development and Social Justice from St. John´s University, New York and a second Master in Advanced European and International Studies from European Institute, France. She published several articles and has been active in academic events, due to which, in 2019 she won the Danubius Young Scientist Award. Her experience comprises work with a variety of public and private actors such as European Commission, Moldovan Government, regional public authorities, and NGOs in the areas of social inclusion, migration, religious minorities radicalization, policy analysis, and policy evaluation, in Moldova, Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium.