Dr Katarina Stolarikova

Dr. Katarina Stolarikova is a Research Fellow at the Institute for National and International Security since 2019, she is also a manager of the Security Science Journal and an editor of INIS Newsletter. After the education in Social Anthropology and International Management She gained her PhD. in “State Security and Defense – National and International Security” at the Armed Forces Academy of gen. M. R. Štefánik in Slovakia. Her research areas are Cybersecurity, Right Wing Extremism and CIS countries. She served in the Student Movement and Higher Education Politics on both national and international level. She served for 8 years in Student Council for Higher Education of Slovakia (National Union of Student), of which 2,5 years as a Chairperson, 1 year as a Chairperson of Slovak Doctoral Students Association, where she is currently the member of the Board of Supervisors and 5 years in the European Students’ Union.