Dr Jelena Stanojevic

Dr Jelena Stanojević is a researcher at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis. She has completed her Bachelor, Master and PhD studies at the University of Nis, Faculty of Economics with the highest average grades and defended a doctoral thesis. Since 2012, she has been engaged as the project associate-researcher on the project of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, under the name „Improving competitiveness of public and private sector by networking competencies in the process of European integration of Serbia”. She has an extensive research experience by working on several research projects which resulted in 50 published scientific articles and participation in numerous international scientific and business conferences. In addition to research experience, she has gained valuable teaching experience by teaching in national and international educational institutions. As a guest lecturer, Dr Stanojevic has participated in lecturing at the universities in Portugal, Denmark, Finland and Russia, developing a wide network in many academic and research institutions and exchanging knowledge and experience with colleagues from different European universities. Apart from the formal education, Ms. Stanojević is dedicated to informal, personal and professional development through seminars, trainings, forums, business conferences, etc. She has been a member of the organizing committee of several projects and conferences, member of an editorial and publishing council of the monographs and journals, as well as a reviewer in international journals. She has a wide experience in coordinating an organizational change and developing innovative study programmes and curricula.