Dr. Ioan Batinas has the rank of colonel of justice in reserve and has a 27-year career in the Romanian penitentiary system. He has a PhD in Philosophy focused on “Philosophy of punishment”. During his professional career, he led 3 penitentiaries, one of which was of maximum security, with notable results in terms of reducing operational and critical incidents, reducing recidivism, and creating a safe environment, promoting the principles of healthy prisons and safe prisons. He was nominated as the best director in the Romanian penitentiary system in 2014, the unit he led being the coordinator for the Northwest region of Romania. He has multiple specializations in conflict negotiations, trainer of negotiators, leadership and penitentiary management, crisis management in correctional units, also in deradicalization and disengagement of inmates in prison. In 2018 he was the author of the business plan” Penitentiary Industry” acquired by the Government of Romania. Since 2013, he is an associate professor at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca, Faculty of History and Philosophy, specializing in Security Studies. He is also the coordinator of bachelor’s theses in the field of specialization in security studies. He worked in multiple projects as an international expert on the development of the Correctional System of different governments, in different countries (West Africa, Moldavia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Italy, Turkey).