Dr Andrzej Krzak

PhD with habilitation (Post-doctoral degree), academic at the Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa (Poland). He is a member of the Commission of Balkan Studies Polish Academy of Sciences. and a member of International Scientific Council of “The Journal of Slavic Military Studies” (USA). Author of monographs: Military counterintelligence of the Second Polish Republic against the Soviet secret service 1921-1939; Protection of secret in the Polish Army in 1921-1939; Red Azefow. MOCR-Trust Affair 1922-1927; Major Sosnowski case in the light of analytical documents of the Second Division of General Staff and Franz Pfeifer statements (co-author P. Kołakowski); Great War in the Balkans. Military and political activities during WWI 1914-1918; Balkan Wars 1912-1913. Area of scientific interests includes the history of the Balkans, intelligence, counter intelligence, polemology, geopolitics, counter terrorism, security studies.