Dr Alberto Testa

Alberto is Behavioural Scientist, Professor in Applied Criminology (Research) at the University of West London and Registered Security Consultant (RISC-ASC). Dr Testa is a specialist in Applied Behaviour Analysis aiming to detect deception; he is a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI-CISA, USA) and Cyber intelligence analyst. As a Behavioural Scientist, he is interested in the role that unconscious processes play in individuals’ decisions and (deviant) behaviours. Widely considered an expert on Far-Right extremism and terrorism, Hate Crimes and Violence, Alberto has also built an international reputation as an authority in Sport Criminology through his work on the link between Far-Right Hooliganism and policing; on the Mafia and Italian football; and Islamophobia/Racism in football. Alberto has extensive experience in managing research networks and research teams; in recognition of his expertise, he was awarded Fellowship (highest membership rank / senior manager) of the Chartered Management Institute. Alberto is also a regular contributor to the BBC, LBC, Sky News, CNN, CBS, Voice of America and many more media, mainly speaking on Far-Right extremism and activism and its potential for terrorism. As a Security Consultant, Alberto has devised and trademarked the Strategic Behaviour Assessment ® Method aimed to security agencies,community safety partnership (CSP) analysts, researchers, information officers Institutional Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity Firms, Human Resources Professionals, Legal or Insurance. SBA is a highly reliable method informed by science to support tactical decision-making and risk management processes in any profit and no profit field.