Colonel (res) Stevan Djurovic

Colonel (res) Stevan Djurovic currently is Chief Labour Inspector of State of Serbia at the Ministry of Labour, Employment, War Veteran and Social Affairs.

Born on December 15, 1958 in the village of Vragovac, the municipality of Peja, Kosovo and Metohija. He finished Military Academy of the Land Army, 1981 in Belgrade. Colonel Djorovic graduate two levels of postgraduate training in the General Staff School and the School of National Defense in Belgrade. He attended numerous training courses in the field of Telecommunications and Security.

He performed command duties in the chain of command and operational-planning duties in the Military Security service of the united-tactical and operational units of the Military.

During the patriotic War and War on Terrorism, he served as Deputy Chief of Security of the Pristina Corps and supervised the counter-intelligence work and afterwards the Chief of Security of the Pristina Corps.

He also performed duties in the Counter-Intelligence Group in Prishtina, as well as in the Expert Team at the Center for Cooperation with the Hague International Tribunal. In the period from 2006 to 2009 he served as a lecturer and chief of the Department of Military Intelligence and Security at the National School of Defense. In his career, he has twice been promoted extraordinarily. He was retired in 2009 at his own request.

In addition to professional engagement, he also works in literary work and writes poetry. He has published six collections of poems, and for the novel “Kosovska stradanja”, and for the contribution in the Serbian literature, he was awarded the literary prize “The crochet of Prince Milos”.

He was actively involved in sports, boxing, football and athletics. He was the champion of the Belgrade Army Region in the Military Multiplex. He is also the father of two children.