What is TOC search?


The TOC-Database is a dynamic database that provides comprehensive information on the global terrorist network and helps researchers, analysts, students and other anti-terrorism workers. This is the result of a joint project implemented by the Faculty of Security and the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, which began in December 2007.

The TOC database was designed as a search engine that provides a detailed search and analysis of various categories related to terrorism: terrorist incidents, groups, organizations, members, leaders and support for individuals and organizations. It also provides extensive information about links and relationships between the mentioned terrorist categories and allows for proper search and forecasting. One of the key advantages of the TOC is the fact that its primary source of data is the verified information provided by the PTSS reports of the European Center for Security Studies George C Marshall. This way we provide a constant and automatic refreshment of the base with the latest information.



Who can access the TOC database?

Two levels of data access are implemented in TOC. The first level is called the “blue key” and is available to students and research in academic institutions and research centers. The “Blue Key” allows access to all open source data stored in the database. The second level of access to data, called the “red key”, is reserved for legal authorities, state institutions and state authorities. The “Red Key” opens a part of the TOC with reliable data. “The Red Key” owner also has access to open source data, as the owner of a “blue key”. Only institutions and agencies that have a TOC-search contract have access to red key data and they are red key members. If you want to become a member of “The Red Key”, please contact us.


All the information stored in the TOC-search database is re-taken from different sources. Despite the fact that all reasonable efforts to verify the data have been made, the TOC Search team can not guarantee that all the information in the database is correct. TOC-Team for Search does not have ethical or legal responsibility for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions or due to any use, misuse or alteration of TOC data by the user.

One of the most important projects is the TOC Search Data Base from terrorism and organized crime. The data base is the heart of security analytics and is available at the following address: www.tocsearch.com. With more than 10,000 users worldwide, the database is the largest database of its type in southeast Europe used for educational purposes. In cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics, the Center continues to develop special software used in security. This primarily relates to Face-to-face security software, objects and other forms.

www.tocsearch.com/fr/app.htmlAndroid mobile app for Android Remote Access to the database is fully implemented.