National Security and Intelligence Studies

The Institute for National and International Security (INIS) is one of the leading academic institutes for Intelligence, National and International Security, Defense and Counter-Terrorism with its members all around the World. INIS will soon independently or in cooperation with another accreditated educational institution start with Master program in the fields of National and International Security, Intelligence and Counterintelligence.

Students on this degree programme will examine a broad range of contemporary security challenges and risks, such as terrorism, hybrid threats, proxy wars, asymmetric warfare, conflict and transnational and national organized crime. Students will also explore the intelligence and strategic approaches used by governmental and non-governmental actors to combat these threats and risks.

The degree adopts a unique approach to the study of security by combining theoretical, applied and empirical knowledge and skill sets. Students will have the opportunity to meet with and work alongside a range of academics and researchers from international partner universities and think tanks from around the world, as well as practitioner experts from governmental and defense sectors.