During the visit of prof.dr Moore from Notre Dame College to INIS Headquarter in Belgrade, one of his topic of the speech was Sino-American relationship. As view from China, we had at video link before students of University of Belgrade prof.dr Zhang Jiadong from FUDAN University. Three professors, prof.dr Gregory Moore, prof.dr Chang Jiadong and prof.dr Darko Trifunovic agreed to initiate American-Chinese-European Academic Committee composed by academicians from all three places. Main goal is increasing understanding between Europe, America and China, enhancing cooperation on academic level and to follow quality and trends in mutual relations. The EU is China’s largest trading partner, and China is the EU’s second largest trade partner after the United States. The EU and China established formal diplomatic ties in 1975 and today EU-China relations encompass an annual summit, regular ministerial meetings, and over 60 sectoral dialogues. The EU and China are committed to a comprehensive strategic partnership, as expressed in the EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation. The EU’s new Strategy on China, adopted in July 2016, and has been followed by a March 2019 strategic stocktaking of the EU-China relationship by the European Commission and the High Representative. No relationship will be as important to the twenty-first century as the one between the United States, the world’s great power, and China, the world’s rising power. China’s development is directly transforming the lives of one-fifth of the world’s population, and is otherwise influencing billions more. After thirty-five years of “engagement,” the United States and China have a relationship that was truly unimaginable two generations ago. At the same time, there are some Americans who believe that China’s strategic interests are incompatible with those of the United States.

Considering the importance of relations between US, China and Europe, as well as the fact that these relationships affect the lives of the whole World, we believe that it is necessary to establish an academic committee to monitor the development of those relations, enhance them and react in the event of crises, disagreements and confrontations with good advice to policy makers. Our idea is that scientific conferences dedicated to US, China and European relations are held annually on a rotational basis. The organizer of such conferences would also take responsibility to publish a special monography.

Prof.dr Gregory Moore take responsibility to gather 10-20 US academicians.

Prof.dr Zhang Jiadong take responsibility to gather 10-20 Chinese academicians.

Prof.dr Darko Trifunovic same for Europe.