Dr Alberto Testa

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United Kingdom

Dr Alberto Testa is a Criminologist & Associate Professor in Criminology (Research) at the University of West London, UK. As a Criminologist, Dr Testa is internationally recognised as expert on Far-Right Radicalisation and Terrorism, and in sport on the link Far-Right Hooliganism. As a Behavioural Scientist, He is interested in the role that unconscious processes play in individuals’ decisions and (deviant) behaviours. In all his studies, Dr Testa uses empirical evidence ; so evidence validated by direct experience and observation . The aim is to ‘get inside’ the way each social group and individuals belonging to it see the world. In this type of research approach speaking and interacting with participants is crucial.

As a Security Consultant, Dr Testa focuses on Applied Criminology projects and Applied Behaviour Analysis aiming to detect Deception and assess credibility. He is a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI-CISA, USA) and He is a UK Register of Independent Security Consultants (RISC) with the Association of Security Consultants . ASC enjoy a 28-year history of recognition as the professional organisation for UK independent security consultants. The members are made up of from security specialists from a highly professional background, such as UK National and Military Intelligence; The Police Force, Forensics, The Military Police; Electronics / IT / and Security Engineering; Corporate, Commercial and Banking Security; Officers in the Armed Forces, Bomb Disposal and Explosives; Specialist Education and Security Training.

Professor Alberto Testa PhD, FCMI, CFI, RISC CV - pdf