“Security as a essential Science for Intelligence, Security, Police and Defense”

International Scientific Round Table

December 4, 2018 Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade conference is designate to launch an initiative related to the definition of the concept of Security Science. Unfortunately, scientists around the world have so far been concerned with this issue, which is not the main area of their research of expertise. Attempts to show Security Science as a study program or discipline within the framework of the International Relations have been noted, which according to many security scientist and experts is wrong. Not only it is wrong, it also has a big negative effect also, on both the education process and for all those who are professionally engaged in security field. Security Science represents essence of Defense, Policy, Protection and Intelligence. Lack of appropriate definition and knowledge about Security Science, then, situation where theory completely misses the requirement of practice can bring us to enormous consequences, too.

Security studies are not the same as Security Science.

The lack of knowledge in the field of Science of Security directly affects the Studies of Intelligence, Defense and Police. In the World, there is a discrepancy between theory and practice in these areas. This is particularly evident in the fight against terrorism and other forms of threats. Members of the security services, police and other law enforcement agencies were unable to recognize the risks of endangering or to perform quality security assessments on the basis of which legislators would pass adequate laws aimed at curbing security threats.

Ignorance of the Science of Security has great consequences for the Security of the state and citizens. A whole generation of future professionals are trained wrongly. This trend left a mark on the legislators. Recently, in Serbia, the Criminal Code has been amended to include provisions concerning the participation of Serbia’s citizens in war and armed conflicts in a foreign state. These provisions, due to the elementary ignorance of the legislator on Security Science, do not take into account the hybrid war as a possibility. All war is conflict but all conflicts are not war. Lawmakers did not even predict when certain persons appeared in the role of inciters or supporters from the territory of a country, and the most serious crimes involving both killing occur in the territory of one country. This is due to not knowing security. That’s why not only theoreticians but professionals often do not differentiate between cyber war, cyber-crime, cyber terrorism or cyber coup d’etat.


The basic standpoint of the forthcoming conference.


The very word “security”

Whether it’s about Serbian word bezbednost, the Latin Securitas, English Security, the ancient Greek asphalei, or the Hebrew word bitachon, the meaning is same. It describes condition of state as ordered society. It describes processes and phenomena which affect to the above mentioned condition.

Security is Science about condition of state as ordered society. That condition is depending of internal and external risk/s. Security Science is based on theories of State and Law as well as the theories of Conflict. Starting from Plato Ideal Society within Ideal States to Tomas Hobs and his description of Natural condition of Mankind and Natural Laws and Contract. Security Science is indivisible but it can be viewed from several aspects such as environmental security, nuclear, energy, economic, legal security, and so on. In all these aspects of security it is a case about variety of conditions of the state as ordered society. In all of those aspects fact remain that it is a case of basic or fundamental conditions which determine normal function and development of society as whole. Whether it is a case of state or society at the national or international level, Security Science study, follow and monitor all the processes and phenomena that affect the aforementioned conditions. In other words, it is completely wrong to put Security Science into discipline of Security Studies within the scope of Science of International Relations. In fact, International Relations depends on the condition within state and conditions of states in their mutual relations. So it is on contrary, International Relation is within scope of Security Science. Furthermore, some authors believe that International Relations is not a science. According to some authors International Relations is Art not Science or like Stanley Hoffmann argued, International Relations is not a science but discipline Study program Numbers of authors whose security is not a original field of research or expertise, contributed to the complete misinterpretation of the Science of Security by their works. A careful analysis of the following authors can easily lead into conclusion that all of them consider Security no as a science, but as a discipline Study program within the framework of the Science of International Relations.