Working visit of the delegation of the city of Shanghai and the delegation of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences to Serbia

The Faculty of Security and members of the Shanghai City Council delegation and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences held a joint round table in the building of the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade on June 12, 2017. “The security and geopolitical content of the Initiative” One Lane – One Way “and mechanisms” 16 + 1 “and” Exchange of views and opinions on the historical and sociological impact of the October Revolution in 1917 on the development of socialist countries. “

The distinguished guests from Shanghai received and welcomed the vice-rector for international and inter-university cooperation, prof. dr Ivanka Popović, after which the attendees welcomed the first, the Head of Delgation from Shanghai, mr. prof. dr YAN Shuang (燕 爽), Executive President of the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations and Deputy Director General of the Department of Public Affairs of the Shanghai Party Committee, and then the Dean of the Faculty of Security, prof. dr Ivica Radović. After that, prof. dr Vladimir Cvetković, started the working part of the meeting, on which occasion they took part and the others present.

Participants of the round table from Shanghai, besides mr. YAN Shuang (燕 爽), were: prof. dr LI Anfang (李安 方), Director of the Shanghai Office for the Development of Philosophy and Social Sciences, prof. dr WANG Jian (王健), Director of the Institute of History of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, prof. dr WU Xueming (吴雪明), Director of the Office for International Cooperation of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Ms. ZHANG Jia (张 佳), from the Office for International Cooperation of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Participants of the round table from Belgrade were: prof. dr Momčilo Pavlović, director of the Institute for Contemporary History, prof. dr Momčilo Milinović, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and from the Faculty of Security: dean prof. dr Ivica Radović, Vice-Dean: prof. dr Želimir Kešetović, prof. dr Vladimir Cvetković and prof. dr Zoran Dragišić, prof. dr Slađana Đurić, Head of the Department of Social and Human Sciences and the Manager of the Center for Applied Security, prof. dr Žarko Obradović, doc. dr Milan Lipovac, Vladimir Ajzenhamer, Assistant in International Relations, Darko Trifunovic, Head of the National and International Security Center, and Nevena Nastic Dragutinovic, Secretary of the Faculty.

The held round table was rated as very successful and quality, and exchanged opinions and experiences are valuable. In this regard, it is concluded that a common platform for the realization of scientific research projects in the field of sociology, political, legal, historical and security of science, as common areas connecting these academic institutions, is established. In the organization of the Faculty of Security, the delegation of the City of Shanghai and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences visited the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, which was attended by dr Nikola Tanic, Assistant Minister.

After that, Delegation in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia was welcomed by prof. Dr. Zarko Obradovic, President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and People’s Deputy Professor dr Zoran Dragišić.

Finally, the official part of the delegation’s visit from Shanghai was concluded with the reception in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, hosted by mr. Vladimir Bozovic, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.