We present, International academic-scientific conference organized by the Institute for National and International Security INIS and FUDAN University”Geopolitical challenges of China – Central and Eastern Europe”

26th of June, 2023.
Belgrade – Serbia
China’s relations with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are very important parts of the relations between China and Europe. With this in mind, INIS was very pleased, together with the Center for Sino-European Relations of Fudan University, to co-host an international conference on “The Geopolitical Challenges of China-Central and Eastern Europe”. At the same time, the first meeting of the “academic community between Fudan University and the European Academy” was organized on 26-27. June 2023 in Belgrade.
After the introductory remarks at the opening of the conference, gold plaques were presented to representatives of Fudan University (Prof. dr ZHANG JiadongProf. dr JIAN Junbo) and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences from Shanghai (Prof. dr WANG Zhen) as special guests.
Opening remarks:

Prof. dr Jahja Ferhatovic, Chairman Subcommittee on Science and High Education, Parliament of Serbia


Participants from Fudan University:

Dr. JIAN Junbo (简军波),Associate Professor, Deputy-Director of Center for China-Europe Relations, Fudan University

Mr. FANG Jiongsheng(方炯升), Ph.D. Candidate, School of International Relations and Public Affairs

Dr. MA Bin(马斌), Associate Professor, Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies, Fudan University

Dr. ZHANG Jiadong(张家栋), Professor, Director of South Asia Studies, Fudan University

Mr. FEI Zhengjian(费正健), Ph.D. candidate, Faculty of Law, Belgrade University

Special guests from the Shanghai Academy of Social Science(SASS):

Prof. WANG Zhen(王振, Vice President of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Prof. WANG Zhen(王震, Professor& Programme Director of International Studies Institute, SASS

Ms. LI Li(李丽), Programme Officer, Office of International Cooperation, SASS

Director of Institute of Information Sciences, SASS

Ms. MIAO Yu缪语), Editor-Translator, Data Center of Institute of Information Sciences, SASS


European participants:

Prof. dr Darko Trifunovic, Director of the INIS, Serbia

Prof. dr Liliana Popescu Birlan, Director General of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania

Prof. dr Julius Piwowarski, Rector, University of Public and Individual Security-APEIRON in Kraków, Poland

Prof. dr Edward Wlazlo, Dean, Faculty of Security and Socio-Legal Studies, University of Public and Individual Security-APEIRON in Kraków, Poland

Prof. dr Sandi Dizdarevic, INIS BiH, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mr. Sven Dekleva, Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy, Ghent University, Belgium.

Prof. dr Kovács Tünde Anna, Obuda University, Budapest, Hungary.

Prof. dr Suad Becirevic, Rector, International University of Novi Pazar, Serbia.

Prof. dr Vladimir Tomasevic, Dean, Faculty of Industrial Management, Serbia.

Prof. dr. Yiorghos Leventis, Founder & Director, International Security Forum, Cyprus.

Prof. dr Mario Lukinovic, Law Faculty, University Union, Serbia
On the second day of the conference (June 27) after the visit to the Military Museum in Belgrade, a round table was held at the INIS Institute on future scientific cooperation.