Visit to Bar Ilan University Horizon 2020

The INIS delegation visited University of Bar Ilan, Tel Aviv, Israel. During a visit that lasted from June 14-17, 2019, a delegation composed of Darko Trifunovic, President of INIS and Darko Obradovic, Executive Secretary of INIS, had the opportunity to meet with colleagues from Israel, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Greece, UK and other countries discussing about a joint application to the Horizon 2020 Program. Bar Ilan University, is known to be one of the top Israeli universities and has already participated in more than 100 Horizon 2020 projects.

Dr. Darko Trifunovic had the opportunity to present INIS capacities and projects where INIS specialized. INIS already has integrated software solutions to combat terrorism and organized crime from the Data Base TOC Search, android applications, face recognition software and applications for secure communication. All these applications are used in various state services and institutions with the aim of improving and enhancing the capacity of institutions to combat the various threat and security risks.