Two INIS senior members prof.dr Marco Lombardi and prof.dr Zelimir Kesetovic participated at international conference entitled: A Review of the Utility of Existing Terrorism Risk Assessment Instruments and Policies: Is There The Need for Possible New Approaches? The Conference is organize by NATO, Berlin, Germany, November 29-30

The main goal of conference is to identifying a theoretical/applied policy Terrorism Risk Assessment (TRA) model and related potential TRA instrument as the primary objectives. These objectives necessarily include the identification of anti-state terrorism trends in the participating NATO member and partnership countries. The secondary objectives include the identification of practical strategies that will assist in both the validation of a complex personality traits focussed TRA instrument and its practical utility for national security and police agencies. Again, a key theme is exploring the need for a distinctive TRA instrument for individuals already identified at the initial risk level for terrorism not automatically requiring monitoring or arrest. Another theme is the promotion of counter terrorism policy and research collaboration among NATO members and partners.