Security Science Journal

Dear all,

I have special honor and privilege to announce that first issue of Security Science journal is borne today. It is first journal in the World dealing with Security Science. Our goal is bring attention to academic and professional community why Security is Science with its own special methodology and theories.

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Just to refer lack of understanding Security Science in most recent threat. The COVID virus pandemic has caught both members of the security services -intelligence and all those involved in the training of personnel for them. It turned out to be obvious that the teaching processes of security officers did not include key subjects as well as a complete lack of understanding of Security Science with all its features, special methods and theories on which this multidisciplinary science is based. One of the basic methods of Security Science is prediction. This method must be studied in the context of Security analytics. The appearance of the Pandemic pointed to the fact that the security services -intelligence did not take into account the threat that was eminent and because of which hundreds of thousands of people around the world lost their lives.

If we analyze all the educational curricula around the World in the field of Security Science, it is clear that they are deficient and that different theorists have completely shifted the focus of science in the wrong direction. At the same time, the loss of quality training during classes shows a lack of understanding of security phenomena and, above all, threats and risks. This contributes to the discrepancy in the work of those who collect data and those who process it. Also, a legitimate question arises as to what methods is used by professionals when collecting and processing data?

The basic duty of all of us who teach professionals in this field is to explain why Security is a Science. Special methods that separate this science from others are data collection methods, data processing methods, data analysis methods and prediction methods. One of the scientific methods of data collection is the method of deep search of social networks based on a hybrid algorithm. In other words, the Science of Security will very much rely on the methods from the natural sciences, much more than on the methods of the social and humanities science, although the latter should not be neglected either. All of us who work in the field of Security-Intelligence education must first of all teach the participants of various courses what Security is and why Security is a science. Obviously, security was dealt with various experts such as sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, political scientists, all but not those whose Security and Intelligence studies profession. With no intention to underestimate contribution of above mentioned specialist, it is time that those Security and Intelligence experts raise their view on matter.

I would like to thank all our members who contribute to our first issue and In would like to invite all of you to contribute for next issue. The topic for next issue is as follow: ” Science of Security – theoretical ground”

Just to share with all of you. Science of Security is based on Theory of Law, Theory of State, Theory of Conflicts, Theory of Complex Systems…etc…..even Science of Security has ground in Theory of Catastrophe….so, flore is open. Please keep in mind that we are among first pioneer in this.

In the same time, we want our journal to have a lot of quotations. I would like to ask you to referee our journal and articles to your students at all levels of studies. Any help to reach SCI list is welcome.

All the best and once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR JOURNAL!!!!

Director of The Institute for National and International Security Dr Darko Trifunovic