Our member prof. dr Nikola Tanić, leading Serbian molecular biologists, comments on BN TV about PCR testing for Corona virus

We are talking about Corona virus testing today as much as we do about the Corona virus itself, with a PCR test for detecting the virus in the body. Prof. dr Nikola Tanić from the Institute for National and International Security (INIS), as one of the leading Serbian molecular biologists and among the pioneers of PCR testing, gave the interview to BN TV. Prof. dr Tanić mentioned the following key elements: PCR method allows for detection of any genetic material and in case of Corona virus the genetic material is RNS molecule which is detected directly from swab. In case of positive reaction it confirms that the patient is infected with Corona virus without any mistake. Depending on conditions of taking swab and on proper transporting conditions, the test can produce false negative results. In Bijeljina they have a real-time PCR device that is the top in the field on the world level. The first retest for Corona should be done after 10 th day, but it can be negative in case the level of virus has dropped. That requires second retest to confirm that there is no virus. Corona virus has great infectious potential, with high frequency of reproductive cycles and spontaneous mutations, therefore possibly the current Corona strain is different from the one from March.

After 10 days at Bijeljina’s “Sveti Vračevi” hospital, Prof. dr Tanić said that there is a trend of calming down of Corona virus situation. However, people should follow all epidemiological measures taken so far, in particular since the autumn and seasonal flu are also coming. Still, with the professional team of doctors and medical staff, who will increase the testing capacity in Bijeljina by then, the control of Corona virus should be very easily taken.