H.E. dr Alona Fisher Kamm, Ambassador of Israel, visited INIS on February 7, 2020

As a continuation of good relations with Israel, INIS had the honor to host in its premises Her Excellence Dr. Alona Fisher Kamm, Ambassador of Israel, on February 7, 2020. INIS was represented by Prof. Darko Trifunović, Director of INIS, Prof. Ivica Radović, Faculty of Security Studies – University of Belgrade, Prof. Želimir Kešetović, Faculty of Security Studies – University of Belgrade, Prof. Srđan Milašinović, The Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies – Belgrade, Prof. Branislav Todorović, Director of INIS Research and Mr. Darko Obradović, Executive Secretary of INIS.

Prof. Trifunović was the first speaker and he did a short recapitulation of already significant efforts and events in relation Serbia – Israel that were supported or organized by INIS. In continuation the participating INIS partners and members also underlined various topics of interest for bilateral and regional cooperation in academic, scientific and R&D fields; starting with general security and expanding to water, energy, ecology, Smart Cities, IT, etc. Mr. Obradović emphasized the work of INIS in detecting anti-Semite and similar activities on Web and provided details and figures from most recent analysis. From her side HE Dr. Alona Fisher Kamm provided a very thorough presentation of recent activities and future plans that the Embassy of Israel has to further boost Serbian – Israeli exchange; e.g. the Embassy plans to bring experts and companies from Israel and organize in Serbia during year 2020 one event related to water & waste water and one related to Cyber Security. She also referred to cooperation possibilities in relation to academic and scientific circles in Israel, and emphasized the importance in strengthening joint efforts in applying to EU funds for R&D.