An agreement on making a virtual museum of genocide, 13. February 2019.

Recognizing the all time growing need for remembering the history of the genocide and the war crime against Serbian, Jews and Roma people who lived on the territory of the former Kingdom of Jugoslavia during the second World War, which started in 1939. and lasted until 1945. year, professor dr. Zoran Rakić, Dean of Faculty of Mathematicas, University of Belgrade, professor dr. Darko Trifunović ,Director of Institut for National and International Security – INIS and dr. Veljko Đurić Mišina, Director of Museum of victims of genocide, signed Memorandum of cooperation regarding the making of the Virtual museum of genocide.

With this kind of agreement signatories commit to mutual and reciprocal cooperation to achieve shared goal and took upon them selves to make on-line virtual museum of genocide providing the resources, knowledge and know-how which are necessary to make this monumental step.

It was agreed that the elaboration on this project will begin at the end of February this year.